Cover Art

Artist of the Month: JJ McCleary

JJ McCleary is an incredibly talented photographer and his Instagram feed is one of the most inspiring set of photos you will see on any given day. Réaul had the privilege of working with JJ on the cover art for the new single "Can You Hear Me Now". We had an idea for what we wanted the photo to be about and JJ took it from there. The resulting cover photo really embodies and represents the emotion of the song. For more of JJ's work, check out his website at

JJ's Bio

Originally from Northern Wisconsin, JJ has lived in Indianapolis since 2001. He enjoys exploring both familiar and unfamiliar places, trying to capture in photographs the things that seem to stand out.

Artist of the Month: Claire Enns

It's always fun to work with an artist or photographer for the first time. You really get to see the creative juices flowing. We'd like to introduce you to Claire Enns, a talented and upcoming photographer. She collaborated with Réaul to create the cover art for the latest single, "Love Fire". She used a photography technic with light to paint the lettering and heart. Very creative and we think it turned out pretty amazing. Check out her Facebook photography page to see more of her work.

Claire's Bio

Claire Enns is a junior photography major at Indiana Wesleyan University. Before moving to Indiana to pursue photography, she was born and raised in Meade, KS. While her focus is on fashion and editorial photography, creating this artwork was a great experience. Not only was it fun and different, but it opened up the door to new possibilities in a different area of photography.

Artist of the Month: Anabell Connell

We'd like to introduce you to Anabell Connell, a incredibly talented artist and painter. Réaul collaborated with Anabell to create the cover artwork for the latest single "On Top Of The World". She did a fantastic job and the artwork is truly amazing! Check out her Facebook artist page to see more of her work.


Anabell is an artist that lives in Indianapolis with her husband, son, and big red puppy. She rediscovered her childhood passion of painting as an adult and hasn't stopped creating since.  Inspired by such artists as Gustav Klimt and Van Gough, she has developed whimsical style that is truly unique and in demand. She has completed numerous commissions and custom paintings.

If you are interested in her work, she is available for custom paintings and commissions. Contact her via her FB page. Click on the button below to learn more about Anabell and see more of her artwork.