Can You Hear Me Now - Out Now

2016 RELEASE #4



The Story

This song was born from a time when I felt like I was struggling to be heard. Not just listened to, but really heard. Let's face it, this world can be extremely noisy. Everything is pushing and pulling for our attention.

This noisy clattering can creep its way into the deepest parts of our lives, drowning out everything that matters most to us. Most of the time, we don't even know its happened...until it effects our most intimate relationships.

There comes a critical point when we loose our voice. We loose our ability to have a dialog with the other person. It was in a moment like this, that I realized that no matter how many times I said how I felt or how loud I said it, I was never going to be heard. That weary point in my life made me realize that silence was the most powerful sound I could make.

Can you hear me now?

- Rick

Which came first...? Songs birthed from music


Sometimes I wish there was a specific formula to song writing that worked flawlessly every time.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  There are times when Rick comes to the band with a chorus line, including lyrics and melody, and the band sits down and writes the music around that.  Other times we have a subject that we want to write about, so we come together and write lyrics before coming up with melodies or music.

With other songs, like “On Top Of The World”, the music comes first.  Like the other situations, this presents it’s own set of challenges.  “What emotion does the music reflect?”  “Do we have a song idea that would fit this music?”  “How do we expand on the lick?”  These were questions that we had to answer when Dave brought us the guitar picking part that is now the main theme in “On Top Of The World”.  Here are a few techniques that we used that you should keep in mind:

Just Play

The first, and most obvious step in writing a musical piece that will launch a new song is to, well, write a musical piece.  Make time to practice on your own, and during that time, have time to “Free Play”.  Just play whatever your fingers decide to.  Don’t worry about time signatures, or what key you’re playing in.  Just play what sounds good to you.  It also doesn’t hurt to keep your phone, computer, or something that can record your ideas near by.  Record the ideas, and then go back to them after a few days and fine tune it.  If you find you’re having trouble coming up with something to play, pull out some of your favorite music, listen to it, and then imitate it.  I find that inspires me.

Be a Match Maker

“Remember, we are trying to marry this music to lyrics... it cannot be married to you.”

Now to start the process of marrying that music up to lyrics and melody lines.  In the same way that Dave played and recorded different guitar riffs, ALWAYS be coming up with new song subjects, lyric ideas, and melody lines.  Have your phone near by and record your ideas, no matter where you are (just ask Rick how many recordings are on his phone with traffic noises in the background!).  Go through that list of ideas and see if you have a match made in heaven, or at least something that remotely makes sense.  When Dave brought the guitar part to us, we did just that.  Fortunately, Rick had a recording of a song idea in his phone that went, “I lean against the hood looking over Hollywood.”  That’s all it was, those lyrics and the melody that you hear in the song today.  Now, the melody line that Rick had did not match perfectly with the music Dave had.  But we were able to take his lick and tweak it just enough to make it work.  With that said, another piece of advice, BE FLEXIBLE!!!  Remember, we are trying to marry this music to lyrics.  In order to do that, it cannot be married to you!

Go Fishing For Melody Lines

So, yeah, we got pretty lucky with Rick’s song idea and how well it matched with Dave’s part.  But, that was literally one line of the song, AND it wasn’t even the chorus.  Coming up with melodies for the rest of the song (Pre-chorus, Chorus, Bridge) seemed pretty daunting for us.  The easy part was to expand on Dave’s beautiful guitar part and write the music to the whole song from front to back, adding drums, bass, and orchestration.  After we had demoed all of that, we did something that, for us not so talented singers, was really intimidating.  Each one of us went into the vocal booth, put one part of the song on repeat, and just sang nonsense into the Mic.  A lot of it was, well... let’s just say it wasn’t going to earn us any Grammy’s.  But after we had recorded what felt like hundreds of takes, we all sat down, suffered through the worst, and picked out parts that we actually liked.  That was exactly how the Pre-chorus for “On Top Of The World” came to be.  

These are just a few techniques that we used in the writing process for “On Top Of The World”.  Though, like I said at the beginning of this post, there is no set formula for writing, I found that these steps got us pretty far.  What is really fascinating about this process is that they are interchangeable.  Whether the song idea starts with music, lyrics, melody, or just an idea, these steps can help any concept take shape.  

- Michael Neeley

New Single "On Top Of The World" Out Now!

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Follow Réaul on Spotify Gives "Casino Heart" 2 Tumbs Up!

More often than not, your first impression of a band comes from the radio, your friend's MP3 player, or some other predetermined source that delivers the songs to you in their carefully polished, studio recorded form.  Of course the exception to this would be that occasional band that delivers your initial encounter live from the stage.  If they can win you over in this forum, you're undoubtedly going home with the album and all those studio gems they spent countless hours crafting and perfecting.  Moral of the story: You can hide behind the editing of the studio, but the stage doesn't lie.

My introduction to Reaul came from the stage on the Joliet stop of Black Stone Cherry's recent tour. The Indianapolis based band was tabbed to tour the land with them, and as far as opening acts go, the fit was spot on.  The openers always have the hardest work to do at a show, but Reaul was up to the task and handily set the tone and electrified the room with the tunes off of their 'Casino Heart' EP.  What I have found as I've delved deeper into the Reaul world is this: whether by MP3 or by stage, the energy level from the band is pouring out of every song.

'Casino Heart' doesn't stand still for a second, at every turn guitars and vocals are soaring as drummer Nate Metzler slams through the tracks.  Opening the EP is the fast paced 'Second String Lover', a track that does it's best to win you over musically and through lead singer Rick Connell's declaration that "We could be more than friends!" as he begrudgingly makes his case that he's tired of being the backup.  Keeping with this feeling of desperation and urgency, the next track "Circle City Lights (Drive)",  flys along like you're whipping past street lights on the highway at 100 MPH.  Thanks to its clean guitar and slick vocal effects, I found myself looping back around to it for a few more laps every time I listened to the album

"My Casino Heart" finds the tempo of the previous two songs, but also features some nice pace changes that give it a little different stance thanks to Dave Kriebel's confident guitar and the driving bass line of Michael Neeley.  This same attitude and feel is found on "Chasing Daylight" which falls perfectly in the track order as the two songs could easily blend together.  "Forever Starts Tonight" comes off as an ironic title since it marks the finish line of the quick "Casino Heart" journey.  It wraps up the EP on a familiar note as it's hard to miss the influence of Fall Out Boy on the track thanks to the strong, soaring vocals.  

'Casino Heart' is only five tracks and doesn't even quite make it all the way to the 18 minute mark, but the brevity is irrelevant given how catchy these finely tuned songs are.  In my book, as great as the album is, it's even more impressive how phenomenal these songs and Reaul sounded live.  Hell, if it was enough for the opening act to get the whole room bouncing, how wrong could I be?

Creating good music is only a part of Reaul's mission as they make their name in the music world. They are also supporters and advocates of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). To find out more about the cause and what they're doing to help, CLICK HERE

To read the original article please go to:

My Casino Heart Goes To #1

"My Casino Heart," the title track off the Casino Heart album has hit #1 on the Top 25 Indie Charts for the week of August 1st. "We got a phone call from our manager while traveling to the first show of the Black Stone Cherry tour to tell us we had a #1 song in the Top 25 Indie Charts," Rick laughs. "We didn't even know!"

Reaul has continued to tour since the release of the album, spurring new radio play and a continually growing fanbase. "It feels really good to know that our music is resonating with people. It makes every late night and lack of sleep worth it," says Michael.

New Album "Casino Heart" Out Today!

Reaul, the Pop Rock quartet, makes its latest installment into its discography with "Casino Heart" Today!

From its deep provocative lyrics to its thick bed of guitars, "Casino Heart" marks a divergence for Reaul, making this one of the band's biggest, most edgy work to date. Still true to its Top 40 Pop Rock roots, song to song is an artwork that is a remarkable sequence of catchy melodies that will stick in your head and not let go. It's no wonder these soon-to-be radio stars are one of Indy's favorites.

Make sure you pick up a copy on iTunes or Amazon today!

Tulsa Music: "The Réaul Deal"

For Tulsa's part in the wide world of music there are examples of real success that isn't always measured monetarily. In recent years Tulsa along with statewide musicians have raised sizable dollars to help others. I am happy to report that Tulsa and Oklahoma musicians are not the only ones doing their part. Just yesterday, Colorado based Marlene Palumbo of Inidienink PR suggested that I check out the Indiana based group "REAUL".

What I discovered reminded me that success doesn’t have be selfish.

What I discovered reminded me that success doesn't have be selfish. Reminiscent of Nickleback, One Republic and Anberlin, Reaul is not only the real deal, they understand the laws of attraction. A big part of their mission spotlights the health issues of the growing problem of Juvenile Diabetes and their involvement with JDRL awareness.

Their newest release titled "Casino Heart" is slated for in-store and online release on May 24th with Indianapolis' RadioNow 100.4 in tow.

So far my ears have been treated to five of the cuts beginning with the titled track "Casino Heart" followed by "Second String Lover", "Forever Starts Tonight", "Circle City Lights" and "Chasing Daylight".

Reaul is keeping it real with first class songs for a first class cause.

For more info on RÉAUL and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation aka JDRF


By Scott Russell
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