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Can You Hear Me Now - Out Now

2016 RELEASE #4



The Story

This song was born from a time when I felt like I was struggling to be heard. Not just listened to, but really heard. Let's face it, this world can be extremely noisy. Everything is pushing and pulling for our attention.

This noisy clattering can creep its way into the deepest parts of our lives, drowning out everything that matters most to us. Most of the time, we don't even know its happened...until it effects our most intimate relationships.

There comes a critical point when we loose our voice. We loose our ability to have a dialog with the other person. It was in a moment like this, that I realized that no matter how many times I said how I felt or how loud I said it, I was never going to be heard. That weary point in my life made me realize that silence was the most powerful sound I could make.

Can you hear me now?

- Rick

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New Album "Casino Heart" Out Today!

Reaul, the Pop Rock quartet, makes its latest installment into its discography with "Casino Heart" Today!

From its deep provocative lyrics to its thick bed of guitars, "Casino Heart" marks a divergence for Reaul, making this one of the band's biggest, most edgy work to date. Still true to its Top 40 Pop Rock roots, song to song is an artwork that is a remarkable sequence of catchy melodies that will stick in your head and not let go. It's no wonder these soon-to-be radio stars are one of Indy's favorites.

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