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Posted Thursday, April 26, 2012

Music Taster's Choice Reviews Cavo and Reaul

Here is what Scott Rowe of Music Taster's Choice had to say about Reaul's supporting performance at Cavo's "Thick As Thieves" CD release party in St. Louis at Cicero's.

"The up and coming Reaul, a band based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, made their St. Louis debut by opening for CAVO.  Reaul sound is complimentary to CAVO's with heavy guitars and catchy vocals.  This band broke out the good stuff right from the get go by covering U2's "Vertigo".  Reaul demonstrated their flexibility and songwriting abilities as frontman Rick Connell and guitarist Dave Kriebel took center stage and wooed a packed Cicero's with the song "Moving On".  The band rocked it's hardest with the pedal to the metal rocker "Circle City Lights".  Reaul is currently supporting CAVO on tour while finding time to return home to play some local shows.  You can find more on Reaul at their website."

To see the accompanying photos by Duane Clawson please read the entire review at:  http://musictasting.blogspot.com/2012/04/cavo-reaul-ciceros-st-louis-mo.html

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